Anew Massage: Teton Valley - Victor, Idaho & Alta, Wyoming

Welcome to Anew Massage, the private practice of massage therapist Kimberly M. Jeffries. Serving clients in both Teton Valley, Idaho and Jackson Hole, Wyoming, either in the studio or at your location. Located in a warm, inviting cabin near the base of Teton Pass in Victor, Idaho or at Grand Targhee Resort in Alta, Wyoming. Anew Massage specializes in Sports and Therapeutic Massage, while providing a full range of modalities for everyone from those simply in need of relaxation, to the most extreme athletes, or clients with injuries and health conditions. The key to an outstanding massage is a great practitioner and a quality assessment, which all begins with listening to the client and tailoring the massage to their needs.  At Anew Massage, the goal is to not only relax the body and relieve the symptoms, but also to eliminate the cause. For more information about Anew Massage or to book an appointment, please visit the Contact Page.

Kimberly Jeffries: Licensed Massage Therapist

Whether I am working on a client who sits at a desk for eight hours a day or working with a professional athlete, I incorporate the awareness of how one uses their body on a daily basis. Some people use their body in an unconscious, habitual manor that can be addressed and corrected. At Anew Massage, I encourage self awareness of the cause of chronic tension and of how massage therapy can help correct this behavior. I incorporate deep tissue, sports and neuromuscular therapy to fit the client’s specific needs. By sharing my knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology, I demonstrate how they can work together to make the body balanced and pain free. Aside from making people feel better, I try to find the root of their problem, not just the symptom. Whether a client is having chronic or acute pain, or rehabilitating an injury, my goal is to relieve and prevent the pain with a foundation of creating awareness.